DVS Hybrid WASP 606

Ref. : 111SBA 018-DVS-WALC-606


DVS Wasp Swallow Tail fish 6.4, 6'6''

This is worth holding to realise how light it is for the volume it carries. A typical Dick Van Starlen out there design where the deck is carved out to take the excess volume and leaving it where it counts, and making you effectively fit with your feet inside the deck and therefore control. The whole thing flexes with the the carbon inlay. The tail will also flex and will give spring ... this is a beast and an amazing thing to own and a rare one with that!

The Wasp is a swallow tailed, fish type shape that is quad fined and it has a sting in its tail. Its bottom configuration is a single concave in the front, going into a double concave vee in the tail and the deck is concaved in the back half, so you are actually standing in it and not on top of it. It has a flat carbon stringer which gives the board spring and allows the tail to twist under pressure. Very unique.

The Carbon Fibre placed along the centre of the deck acts in a similar way to a leaf spring providing storage of potential energy during bottom turns with a progressive release resulting in a smooth transition during top turns