CA Taco PU Stripe Tint

Ref. : 111HSN 8 CA-TACOPU-ST


Creative Army Taco

This mini simmons inspired surfboard is for anyone that wants to get out there and just have fun.The Taco is super fast, and with it?s quad fins set close to the rear of the board, help in making your turns loose, smooth and silky, It is amazingly easy to paddle due to its super flat rocker and broad nose and tail, keeping your body out of the water, and excels in surf 2-5 feet.

The Taco is a super short , fat, round piece of foam with a straighter rail mid section and a little curve in the wide tail to give you speed through every section of the wave, with emphasis on being a small wave catching machine, the Creative Army Taco is the perfect saunton short round carver.