Surfed Out Prawn Star (Design your Own)

Ref. : 112JPS170804A


Surfedout Prawn Star Custom order wide tail Fish

These are made to order any sizes up to and including 7'2'' and as much as 59 Ltrs.Any designs or colours to suit your needs.

This includes choice of fin set up FCS II or Future, Tri-Quad, Twinnies.

We carefully discuss your needs and wishes and custom design you very own Prawn star. See some of the examples made recently. The prawn star is design to be ridden as short as possible and allows to go much shorter than you think due to its wide swallow tail. It keeps the surfboard stable and make it swivel and pivot early. The rocker is relaxed giving maximum area to plane and paddle easily into waves, the rails are kept staright to a wide nose again keeping width, volume as far to the nose as possible and making an early re-entry of the top of the wave.

Ideal as a step down shortboard from larger surfboard and as a first shorter surfboard for all conditions, everyone should have one in the quiver. These surfboards will give you the most out of your surfs and wil make you smile!!