Ref. : 111SBA 018-ALH-FMLC-706
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Fun Division



Aloha Mid Fun Division from 6'8' , 7'0'', 7'6'',8'.06

Part of Our Mini longboard surfboards @surfedout forming that category of surfboards used between 6'8'' and 8'6 not quiet MinI Malibus but more like short longboards used to catch lots of waves and are more used to develop longboard shillls, like hotdogging, nose riding or cruising.

Generally fuller in the mid section and flatter rocker that the aaverage Mini Mal, to ease paddling and getting into waves. All the Aloha Short and mids Fun division are left with a reasonably bity rounded pin tail with plenty of lift allowing smooth pivoting and turning and to hold bigger surf.

The Aloha fun division 6'8 and above come with the 2 plus 1 fin set up allowing that single fin fun when the surf condition allows or when you facy a change and a board that will fly at 100MPH!!!

Finished in Carbon Linear laminate carbon stringer keeping the board flexing and responsive and giving it that formula I look.

Extremely lightweight with the EPS core keeping performance at the top of priorities in this surfboard.


Aloha shaper states the following

?Mid ? three mid length sizes 6?8 to 7?6 that will ensure your wave count is always at maximum. The Fun Division Mid-length is for surfers not really wanting to commit to a full sized longboard but still want to nose ride and trim. This division is suited to all levels of surfer from beginner to advanced.?