MC COY All Round MAL XF 100

Ref. : 111SBA 016-MCC-AMXF-100
All Round Mal


MC Coy All round Mal XF 10'    10 x 23 3/4 x 3     84Ltrs

Original Mc Coy surfboard ideal all rounder Malibu surfboard, a couch on water with attitude mixed in the pot!! Rounded pin 2 plus 1 set up will make an ideal single fin surfboard and will dominate any line up.

Stylish branded Mc Coy logos assoiciated with the original 60's surfers. So if you wanrt a dead sure will work in anything type of longboard surfboard these are right up there, just choose your sizes 9'0''/ 9'2'' / 9'4'' / or 10' and then either Polyester or EPS  XT finish.

?This model is a very versatile performer. It turns easily, runs well and is also a good nose rider. This combination lends itself to a very wide range of Performance options for the surfer eliminating the need for several boards.?