Ref. : 111SBA 018-ALH-FLLC-901
Fun Division


Aloha Fun Division Longboards 8'6'', 9'1'', 9'6''

Longboarding with attitude, rocker in the right place with added paddling area and foam under the chest to enable easy paddling and getting into waves. I always thought surfboards with a little more rocker are more forgiving and especially when they have extra volume where needed in order not to reduce padlle ability. 
The tail lift will allow for this board to hold and perform in bigger surf especially with this rounded pin tail.
Has the look of Formula I surfboards and the attitude to match.
Extremely light and reinforced with the linear carbon in the centre for felx and performance.

Will remain in your must have surfboard quiver for a long time to come.

Longboard ? from 8.6 to 9.6 the Fun Division Longboard has all the elements of traditional longboards and modern features with an emphasis on just catching a wave, big or small, and riding it to the beach, turning, walking and nose-riding. High volume equals loads of fun all day every day!

Jonno Cole