Cross Mod Fish

Ref. : 111GULCB0024
£300.00 Inc. VAT


The Mod Fish is based on a classic fish shape, with a widened Swallow tail block with the effect of straightening the rail line and increasing the tail area. The Cross Mod Fish comes with a five fin set up for options in variant surf, from mushy small surf for the quad(4 fins) to give you straight line speed to cut through the rough sectionsplus drawn out turns for a more flowy feel. For bigger or cleaner punchier surf the thrusters(3 fins) will give you more critical turns and an all round faster thrill.

The Mod fish is an all round good shape for those progressing to shorter more performancy boards to the young up and coming groms that find it far to easy to pop up.

The CROSS SURFBOARD construction represents over 45 years of surfing heritage. Through years of R&D and testing we have created the best combination of raw materials and components; perfecting the balance of weight against strength, performance and durability. Each PU board features: - Hand Selected Individual Custom Blanks - 4mm Ply Stringer - Dual lay-up deck with reinforced V-tail bottom lamination - high grade polyester resin - FCS FUSION fin plugs. CROSS SURFBOARDS are finished by the hand written shapers mark on the stringer and Cross stamp logo.