Surfedout PrawnStar

Ref. : 111JPS 9s PRAWN
£599.00 Inc. VAT
Prawn Star


Surfedout Prawn Star 6'0, 6'2, 6'4', 6'6, 6'8 Wide Swallow Tail Fish.

Our very own design and based upon a very old Nigel Semmens wide tail fish which I used and loved for a long time. The same board was loaned so many times and the same story would happen where the user would almost refuse to give it back.

Basically it is a simple design which works and is ideal for our waters and conditions, you could have this in various sizes and volumes as your one quiver boards if all you want is fun and loads of wave time!!

Used as a Quad or Thruster on FCS II or Futures the relaxed rocker makes this a dream to paddle, the wide tail and paln shape keeps the stabilty to a maximum for its size, the tail width allows early pivots and helps in keeping this board locked in the waves, the wide rounded nose paln shapes then allows early re-entry.

Drive it top to bottom or straight down the line it will amke you smile as you do so, this Prawn Star is really just fun fun fun all, the way!!