Bear Seed Custom Orders

Ref. : 111SKI1272


Bear The Seed 6'6'' x 21 x 2 3/4'' 42.9 ltrs

A new one for Bear surfboards and a new one by legend current european longboard champion Ben skinner.

Finished in a deep red resin tinted top and a mix acid drag black and red reverse bottom.

It is a stunner!!! Amazing finish and looks most fun in a short board I have seen in a while, rule the waves and the style whilst riding them!

There will be few of them around as these are classics and come with a serious price attached to it for all that beauty and fun in a small size!!


The foundation of surfing, catching waves, is a must, which can be a struggle when riding something smaller. This board has the feeling of riding a smaller board whilst holding the ability to catch waves, flow and turn with stability. A very fun board for all conditions and abilities.