Bear Surfboard Quill CUSTOM ORDER ONLY

Ref. : 111SKI1267


Bear ''Quill'' 9'4'' x 23 x 3 73 ltrs   


Finished in a very deep mirrored black resin tinted top and a lime gree cucumber texture finish underneath, amazing contrasts with not a fault in sight!

Ben Skinner the new Bear addition to the famous roll call of Bear surfboard shapers states the easiest nose rider he has produced and used in years.

Although it is a heavier traditional design, with its 50-50 rails, subtle concave through the nose, running with V through the belly, a unique rolled out tail, with the wide point behind the centre, it had this feeling that it could only be described as a feather falling from the sky. It is stable on the nose and tail, with the ability to Draw Traditional Lines.

For the Bear surfboard lovers there is no other way to go, buy it off the shelf or we will design your own ideas in any of the models agrreed by Bear surfboards.

There is nothing like it nearby this side of the Atlantic and then you would have to look hard for it!! They are AMAZING Bear Surfboards ....

We have an RFC fin complimenting the look with resin black and green tints!! shapes in a Noserider 9.5''.... the only problem we have to polish it all day as so many wondering hands admire the finish!!

Come and look for yourselves.