FCS 3D Red Tip Large Centre

Ref. : 1202HS123610702


FCS 3D Red Tip Center Fin  

The FCS 3D Red Tip Center Fin has enhanced speed, lift, drive and stability. The FCS 3D Red Tip (Now in Performance Core) will take the performance of a standard thruster set-up to a new dimension. This FCS fin was designed and developed over 20 years by Gold Coast surfer, shaper and designer, John Harris. It harnesses FCS's innovative construction technology and offers a new dimension in performance. Because the fins unique tip is parallel to the boards surface, the FCS 3D Red Tip holds speed during on-rail surfing where traditional fins can pop or stall, delivering extra squirt in the second half of turns. The FCS 3D Red tip also increases lift and stability, helping to glide over flat sections and increasing control in broken water. Gary Elkerton, three-time Masters world champion, has been fine-tuning the FCS 3D Red Tip in waves from Kirra to Sunset and believes ''this fin has heaps of drive and is more stable at high speed''. Experience how one fin, the FCS 3D Red Tip can change your surfing.   FCS 3D Red Tip Size: Center Base 4.25 in. 108 mm Center Depth 4.33 in. 110 mm