Ref. : 1202HS133314804


FCS 3DS Side Bites

The FCS 3DS Side Bites are FCS's unbelievable SUP or Longboard Side Bite Fins! Modeled after their 3D Red Tip the 3DS Side Bites have a double ''wing'' at the tip of the fin designed to add stability, speed and enhance maneuverability! Perfect for enhancing any 2+1 setup, the 3DS Side Bites are sure to give you that extra drive your looking for on your SUP or Longboard!   PC Series Materials: The FCS PC Series Fins are Resin Transfer molded fins, molding a sandwich of lightweight lantor (Honeycomb foam like structure) between layers of fiberglass producing a lightweight, fin with remarkable flex. It is made from laid 4oz. fiberglass sheets and polyester resin the molding process guarantees precision and accuracy. Each FCS PC fin produced is then hand finished and polished and hand finished giving the fin a glossy smooth feel. The PC series also has a range of resin tints that make for an impressive aesthetic.   FCS 3DS Fin Size: Center Base 4.25 in. 108 mm Center Depth 4.33 in. 110 mm   The FCS 3DS Fins: Available in Performance Core Smoke/Yellow